If your home is hit by disaster, know that you can rely on Rénovert Solutions Inc. to act as your trusted advocate and to restore your home to its original condition.

Here are the steps you should follow if your home has suffered a disaster such as fire or damage caused by water or weather conditions.

  • IMMEDIATELY, contact Rénovert Solutions Inc. as we can guide and support you through these difficult and sometimes frustrating procedures. However, if you wish to go through the process on your own, you should:
  • Contact your home insurance agent immediately to start the claims process. Be prepared to report (1) what kind of damage occurred; (2) when did it happen; (3) how did it happen; (4) is this kind of damage covered by your policy. Think about keeping your insurance agent's phone number and your policy number in your wallet so you'll have it even if you can't access the files in your home.
  • Keep careful written records of all communication between you and your agent regarding your claim.
  • As soon as possible, document damage to your property using a video camera or digital camera, as well as in writing. Gather family members to go through every area of the house that has been affected; make a list of damaged or missing items. Add to this as you discover any additional damage.
  • Although you are not obliged to do so, it is highly recommended to make minor repairs or take preventative measures to reduce the damage, such as using a tarp to cover areas that are exposed to the elements (on a leaky roof for example); dry all wet areas as best you can; relocate personal belongings from damaged areas, etc.
  • Save all receipts. You may be able to request reimbursement for incurred expenses. Also, if you have loss-of-use coverage, you will be reimbursed for reasonable living expenses if you cannot live in your home during repairs. These expenses can include hotel, meals and other basic living expenses.
  • DO NOT make permanent repairs until your insurance agent has authorized them; otherwise you may not be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Hire a qualified and trusted contractor, such as Rénovert Solutions Inc. Although your insurance company can recommend a contractor, you have final say on who will work in your home. Don't forget, the contractor is your advocate, helping you secure a fair assessment from your claims adjuster. So it's important to choose a contractor you trust to be on your side.
  • Contact your insurance company to signal work completion, once all repairs and cleaning have been done properly and to your entire satisfaction.
  • Finally, be patient. Insurance companies will prioritize certain claims and must also follow sometimes lengthy and frustrating procedures.


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